In-display fingerprint scanner finally saw the daylight after years of uncertainty and production trouble. This time Vivo, not Apple, took the lead by presenting the world’s “first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone” at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and technically, the Chinese giant fits the description made by Synaptics when teasing yesterday’s showcase.

The Chinese smartphone brand, Vivo will give us more exposure to the device revealed at the CES “in early 2018.”

Discussion regarding availability and price is up in the air, as are the phone’s specs, but the main thing is repeatedly described as “ready for mass-production” in Vivo’s recent press release. Likely to be released both in the OEM’s home country and across selected international markets.

Developed by self-described “human interface revolution” igniter Synaptics, which you presumably remember from last year’s Galaxy S8 pre-release confusion, the new in-display biometric sensor “offers a more convenient operation without sacrificing the sleek and unified design” of a handset.

Advertised as “quick and secure”, for both phone’s unlocking and mobile payment verification, the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology is invisible to the naked eye, though a graphical UI will show up on Vivo’s smartphone screen in “any scenario that fingerprint recognition is required.” That way, you’ll know where to press on the screen for your fingerprint to be scanned, after which the animation will disappear and pop up again when needed.

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