Walmart’s New PCs

Walmart started producing over-powered PCs, in a partnership with Esports Arena. Esports Arena is the first dedicated e-sports arena in North America.

The PCs were started selling this fall, along with laptop and desktop variations.

It was unexpected that one of the largest retailers in the world has decided to join the world of PC gaming, but the industry’s rapid growth, thanks to games like Fortnite And PUBG. It gives Walmart all the reasons it needs to cater to a new market.

But Walmart is not famous for its PCs. There are many other famous brands which produce PCs and they are famous for that only. There are still many errors found. Many people are still curious. For example, who will you call if there is a technical issue in the PC?

Unknown gaming brands come with a variety of questions and concerns around build quality and technical support.

Walmart is aware of these concerns. And they are famous for one main thing: Slashing prices.

That is exactly what they are doing right now as well. Less price will result in more customers. Because let’s be honest? Who doesn’t want a good PC at a very economically price?

While the Overpowered 17+ is a far better value for its screen size and specs than what you might find from Asus, MSI, and Razer, it’s not worth recommending. Its design is typical with a sub-par touchpad and keyboard, with gaming performance hobbled by a graphics chip that can’t take full advantage of the screen. That’s all before we get to Overpowered’s build quality issues, as well as a lack of compelling technical support.





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