The governor of Washington has passed an order on Wednesday that is allowing self-driving cars to be tested in the state without a human monitoring the vehicle while in the car. Calling the technology “foolproof”.

He announced in his blog post that self-driving car companies will have to send in applications to conduct their initial testing phase on the roads of Washington. The governor is bringing a few agencies on board to work on the approved self-driving cars and to draw up further laws based on the trails that will be conducted.

The governor supports autonomous vehicles by stating that most vehicle accidents are caused by the error of drivers, believing that this invention could lead way to a much larger impact on the  automobile industry as a whole.

Previously, Inslee had told The Seattle Times that “One thing I know about radar, it doesn’t drive drunk, it doesn’t drive distracted. We humans are really good at a lot of things, driving cars isn’t necessarily one of them compared to the automated processes that are digital and foolproof. I just have huge confidence in the safety aspects of this.”

However, previously on many occasions in 2016, there were cases where these vehicles were proven to be prone to hijacking and aside from hijacking they’ve been found to contain bugs that could affect the driving judgment of the technology making us question the decision for the cars to be on the road without a human. 

Either way, Washington will see a lot more cars on the road lacking drivers in the driver’s seat.

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