Software developer Abraham Masri found out the malicious bug that can send your iPhone, ipad and mac computers into a state of frenzy. This bug makes the phone freeze and in some cases restart.

The bug works simply if the iOS device received a message containing a link that directs to Masri’s code on programming site GitHub irrespective of the fact that the message is opened or not. Just receiving the message activates the ChaiOS hack.

The message contains some Arabic and Chinese characters. The reported effects of this bug include freezes, crashes, resprings and restarts of the device. On the Mac computers, the bug makes the safari browser crash and makes the system slow down. Thankfully the new bug does not steal the data or bring any other dangerous harm to the device than just freezing or rebooting the system. Technology experts are calling on to all the people who come across this message to refrain from sending it to friends.

After the bug became viral on social media, Masri claimed that he took down the bug by removing the code from GitHuB. Though, Apple hasn’t made any statements on this whole issue yet.


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