When we hear the word AI, the first thing that comes to our mind is Robots. The robotics have a great relationship with AI, but it’s not true that Artifical Intelligence is only related to robots. It’s the most diversified field that covers bundles of knowledge and data. From Facebook, Youtube to modern technology we are surrounded by Artifical Intelligence.

When we enter a field the first thing that is essential is to understand that the subjects and before going for the subject its crucial to understand the language of that subject. Not just in Artifical Intelligence but in the whole IT field, the most popular and frequently used language is Python. The other language used such as Java, C++ and such others are specific in action or we can say reliable or compatible with a limited one. On the Contrary, Python that was discovered by Netherland scientist served as a solution for all. From Data science to Visualization as well as in Robotics the most reliable language is Python.

“Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need. Too much freedom and nobody can read another’s code; too little and expressiveness is endangered.”

– Guido van Rossum

Coming back to Artifical Intelligence, its the most diversified field. Its the most valuable field in the coming era. The most simple example is found in Facebook and Youtube. While searching for a person or an event at Facebook, on the contrary, while surfing Youtube while watching videos How the server detects your interest? Who is beside your device who is detecting your mood and suggesting people or showing up videos of your interest?

That’s Artifical Intelligence!

There is the program running behind that engine that gathers the data, analyze your interest by collecting your search data and then show you the recommendations that are very closer. The collection, summarization and processing of data take a few seconds.

The Artifical Intelligence is one of the greatest thing in this Era. It had enhanced the power and working capacities of Machines. Through different sources we programs the devices in such a way that it behave as Artifical Intelligent machine and this concept is known as Machine learning. First we feed the machine and then take our desired output. The World is changing day by day, the Armedegon taking place is increasing with time. In this type of condition one day an ordinary person woud be replaced by machine or we can say a Robots. Its becoming compulsory for us to have multiple skills in order to compete with such a huge population.

What we can do?

Its a myth just a misconception that its field for the people just belonging to Information Technology.  Now,It is being used multiple fields. From Health care to Agriculture, Biology to statistical analysis and Data base to small programme it has vigrous applications. If we are from research background we can learn new tools that would help us in automatting much functions. In business background we can use the consultancy as well store our data in specific format. As an 

Its among us that we have to realize its importance and we can contribute our maximum by learning tools respective to our field. We have a opportunity to reduce our burden and rescue more time.

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