A single conversation over a couple of cup of tea shows the mundane truth: good pay and benefits, mostly like their parents had.

Youth, it’s been told, is ruined on the young.

After conducting a great deal of low-key research in my circle, and being a millennial myself, I have come across some of the things that the youth wants these days.

A good job with benefits.

Millennials want a decent job; not a part time job where they are not supposed to work more than 36 hours just in case they are considered full time. An astonishing number of industries, from daycare centers to autism centers, want college degrees but are only willing to pay a little more than minimum wage, and will, under no circumstances, offer full-time employment.

A job that supports their lifestyle.

Millennials want to earn a decent pay. There is a difference between earning a decent pay and making a maintenance wage that barely keeps you afloat. We are a generation encumbered with unparalleled debt from student loans, and sure the heartless creeps out there can rightfully say that “nobody FORCED them to take out those loans” I would argue that yes, they were forced to take those loans.

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Millennials want “good” benefits, which their parents just thought of as “benefits.”

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Millennials want their jobs to make sense.

Millennials want their supervisors to clearly declare what is expected and what the assignment is and then get out of the way.

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