The things I dreamed about As a kid.

As a kid, I thought that as soon as I grow up, I’ll get a job, I’ll get rich, I’ll give my parents everything they dreamed about, I’ll have a lot of friends, I’ll get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

What happens when sheer reality hits you hard in the face? Like the most rigid and coldest slap, you’ve ever received? You feel shocked, lose hope, you lose the will to keep moving on and then one day you break, you quit.

A Boy, Just Like Us.

There’s a boy, just like us. He had dreams. This boy wanted triumphs and victory in every nook and corner of his life. He quit. Under the pressure of society, under the pressure of his dreams, under the pressure of making something out of himself for his parents, he started buckling up and one day, he quit.

Aizaz Ali, 24, who graduated from NUST as a mechanical engineer last year and in a pursuit to kick-start his professional career, started job hunting. This boy tried hard for a year in a bid to secure a job but failed. Death found Aizaz. He was a resident of Railway Housing Scheme no.7, Rawalpindi. An investigator Wali Muhammad states that Ali was depressed because of unemployment. He also stated that Ali was receiving treatment for his depression.

Now put your life on hold for a minute, leave all your work and think about his state for a minute. Do you realize how much pain it takes for one person to end their life? To think that there is no hope? That they can’t take it anymore? To quit?

Causes Of Unemployment.

This devastating state of unemployment is the cause of “safarish”. The deserving candidates do not get jobs and the people with “safarish” easily get jobs of their choice. Another reason for unemployment is that the number of industries is not increasing in Pakistan.

The truth is, we do not understand the depth of this situation. A wise leadership is essential to solve this dilemma. We are acting blind to all the red lights. If we keep on being negligent and ignorant then soon there will be many Ali’s.

Soon, this could be you or me.

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