One thing that has been ruling the internet for last few months is Bitcoin. It has so far negated all the rumours and theories about how it might crash anytime, although it is true that it can drop to deadly low anytime.

The fact that this cryptocurrency has a secure coding makes the people invest in it. Also, it is free from the traditional banking system unlike other real-time currencies.

Now, there are a lot of theories regarding the future of bitcoin. Without any exaggeration, it is highly uncertain because the world has never seen such form of currency shocking the traders and governments alike. To analyze it much easier, we need to keep track of its prices in the future months.

Bitcoin is currently trading above $11,000 when many traders believe that the cryptocurrency can go down as much as $5000 by the end of first quarter. They believe that this huge correction is highly important for it to recover and move past its all-time high of $19,800.

It is important that we keep a track of its volatile prices. The price trends in coming months will help us analyze the bitcoin’s future more accurately.

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