Gone are the days when you have to spend hours with live-sketchers to get your imagination sketched on paper. Microsoft researchers are taking over the human intelligence and perspective with a genius AI enabled “drawing bot” which is soon going to blow your imagination.

Art bot will create images with the help of text descriptions of anything from a flying hummingbird to any non-living object lying around in the corner. The technology used is smart enough to add details that are absent from text description, making it a pro artificial imagination.

source: The Economic Times

The manufacturing company said the technology under development is being programmed to pay close attention to individual words and phrases so that it could generate a perfect high-quality image.

This outstanding focus technology will allow the bot to produce a three-fold boosted image quality, which is going to stand out all the state-of-the-art techniques of image-generation software.

source: News Beat Times

The network is based on two machine learning models; one for recording details to draw the respective image and the other one will judge the authenticity of produced images using text descriptions. It will also automatically answer the related information which humans might ask about images, this will help blind people way more than we could imagine.

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