Whatsapp is ready to announce another feature that is currently being tested in its beta version as it always does before getting launched for the public.

The feature is once again a much-awaited one by the users and is called the ‘lock microphone button’

The ‘lock microphone button’ will be of great use as now, the users won’t have to hold on to the voice recording button while they speak. They will be able to lock the voice recording button and scroll through their Whatsapp chat while they record a voice message.

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Another feature that came out along with it is that you can listen to your voice messages before sending them.

The latest news is that this feature is only available in Whatsapp’s beta version 2.18.71. but will soon be available to use by all Android users.

How to use the ‘lock microphone button’ in Whatsapp beta version:

To try the new feature, you need to update your phone to the beta version. Then, you can press the microphone button at the bottom-right of your Whatsapp chat. To lock the microphone button while recording, you can press the microphone button like you usually do and slide it up towards the lock image.

Once you lock the microphone, you can easily chat on text with your friends while you record a voice message.

The voice recording button was actually introduced for the iOS software but the company now is trying to introduce it to the Android versions too.

Other updates by Whatsapp in the year 2018:

Whatsapp brought many updates in the year and all of them were as amazing as we thought they would be. The significant features were the ‘delete for everyone’ feature and switching between the voice and the video calls feature.

The users are desperately waiting for this feature to come out now in the Android phones because come on, we all need it.

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