Whatsapp business app

The Facebook owned app, WhatsApp has now released its business version. Which is designed to manage and do small business communications. WhatsApp already enjoy the courtesy of being world’s most using communication/text app. But with WhatsApp now introducing a more organized fruitful enterprise version, there is a high chance of it hitting the tops all over.

The version is available to download for android only. However, we still don’t have any idea when will we be rewarded with an iOS version.  WhatsApp Business was first introduced back in 2017, but with a beta version and limited usage for a number of selected few.

Whatsapp business

Now available for free download on play store bar. Primarily launched in USA, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia. WhatsApp Business will allow you to create your company’s authorized profile. Customers will know that they are connected on a business company platform, as the name will flash the working title of it. WhatsApp Business will also be accessible from landline. And can co-exist with the personal previous WhatApp simultaneously.

Aside of many big and small perks, WhatsApp Business is aimed to transform the professional interactions into a more organized and civil way. Being launched in only few parts of the world, seeing the global familiarity and favor for WhatsApp, we can say that this is up to something big again.

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