It was just 3 years ago when WhatsApp had only 450 million users around the world. But in a very short span of time the app acquired the position of a necessity for every smartphone user. Hence, it resulted in an exponential growth in the users.

Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced in the Q4 2017 that WhatsApp has now 1.5 billion users and is used as a medium for 60 million messages a day! This can be a proud moment for Facebook’s CEO himself who faced the music for his decision to cut the deal with WhatsApp a few year ago.But with all the recent growth, Facebook is now seriously considering to provide extra commerce and other services on the WhatsApp for a business app.

Zuckerberg also shed some light on how WhatsApp and Instagram have become the two most favorite story sharing apps. Which is quite unbelievable as Snapchat on whole have 178 million users while both the apps have the privilege to host around 300 million users.


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