Whatsapp has started taking the responsibilities of the user’s security. The feature on which Whatsapp was working since October was restricted to the iOs system only. The two security methods, Face ID and Touch ID are about to penetrate now. The work on the iOs system was under consideration. And now, not both of them, but any one of these will be introduced in the Android app as well.

WabetaInfo recently reported that the latest beta version of WhatsApp will include the so-called Touch ID feature. This cleared much of the confusion that was created among the Android users.

Up till now, WhatsApp was an open source for people using your phone. Once the phone gets unlock, any person could use Whatsapp or go through your messages. But this will not be the case anymore. The application will only be opened upon the authorized fingerprint of the user. A new tab for the fingerprint option will be added in the application, most probably below the privacy tab. Same as in the iOs application.

What’s The Benefit?

This feature will most likely turn out to be a huge advantage for the users. The non-invited users will be bound to ask for the owner’s permission. And if the application does not detect the fingerprint correctly, then device credentials could be used to unlock it.

This might be irritating for few. For the ones who frequently have to open the application, there constant unlocking might act as a barrier.

And obviously, this Touch ID feature will require a fingerprint sensor. This is becoming common in the newly launched phones. But the ones with Android software older than Marshmallow will not be able to entertain the security method. For the practical use of Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor is a must. And an Android version of Marshmallow or any newer is the only way to go.

However, the actual date for the implementation of this security feature is yet not released.

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