WhatsApp brings out new features for all phones.

WhatsApp being all set to compete with all its competing apps has introduced three new features for all iOS, Android as well as the Windows phones.

This latest news is of course a good one for all the WhatsApp users throughout the world.

These new features were first tested in the Beta version of the app for sometime and after confirming that they worked smoothly, were made official.

source: phoneworld.com.pk

The three new features of WhatsApp are:

The first feature that has been introduced by WhatsApp is known as the ‘search participants’ feature. This feature is quite simple yet helpful for all of the users. It allows a user to search for any group member within a group by just typing his or her name in the search participants box on the group info screen. This feature will help a lot of the people who have 50 or more members in a group and need to search for him to talk immediately.

The second feature introduced by WhatsApp allows any member of a group to write a 500 character description of a group. This is an amazing feature for business purposes as the description can be added or changed by the group admin, as well as any member of the group.

The third and the most-awaited feature introduced by WhatsApp is that now, you can easily switch between voice and video calls. Previously, the hassle was a bit too much as the user had to disconnect its voice call to video call the person. Now users can easily switch between voice and video calls by just tapping a button.

Other new features by WhatsApp:

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced a new exciting feature known as ‘delete for everyone’ which allows the users to delete a message sent by them within 7 minutes.

We hope that WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features for its users that will satisfy them in every aspect.

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