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Watch out iMessage, a new competitor is in.

Reported by iCulture today, the popular messaging App ‘whatsapp’ is now actively working with Apple’s automotive platform following its latest version 2.18.0 update.

Whatsapp users having CarPlay enabled vehicles can now check their unread messages in WhatsApp, ask Siri to read them and use the voice assistant to send new messages. The ability to scroll through the chats is not available, however, users can receive notifications of new messages with the name of sender only.

Source: TechRadar

The fact is worth noting that WhatsApp has become the first ‘non-Apple’ third-party messaging App to enter the universe of CarPlay, but its functionality is limited. Apple has put heavy restrictions on the developers being strict about what they can and can’t do with the App. So it’s not the whole hat, but it’s better than before.

Nevertheless, it’s kind of great to be able to access important messages on CarPlay instead of being a jerk using the phone while driving.

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