We were all tricked by the strategical business modules of the famous,”buy one give one”. Not so long ago, a Facebook post got viral about a cafe that has the theme for “waiting coffee”. How it actually works is that customers will buy a cup of coffee for themselves and will also pay (if he wants to) for an extra cup. That extra cup will be called “the waiting coffee”. Which will be then served to a homeless person or even a traveler, who’s right now out of money. They only have to ask for the pending waiting cup and if they have it, it will be served.

Thinking about the strategy that applied there, makes sense more than the long twisted and ever complexed model of “buy one give one”. Because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody out here who’s gonna pay for the loss. And how in the world a company or a business will generate revenue if their sell and charity is breakeven? The ever notable Toms “give one” scheme was also not that life-changing as it claimed to be. According to an American research, One pair of shoes that Toms sell costs them $4 only. yes! excluding the $4 for the “give” one as well, there is a profit margin of $52. Because each pair of those shoes were off $60 exact. So, where is the aspect of “changing-life” in all this?

Despite the evergreen enthusiasm of helping that every businessman and human being endure, selling products in the name of it is worst of them all. It causes more harm than good. And it’s about time that consumers should realize the truth behind these schemes, black or white.

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