Sell by, use by, best by, are the details we go through before consuming or buying food. But are they really there to let you know about the expiration lifespan for your food? Well, the answer is “no”. These dates have prior different meanings and that is to let you know when according to them their food is best to have. Which means you can still eat the food past after it’s expiration dates and that won’t cost your life or any hospital bills.

It is vastly believed that these dates are put by the federal government to inform people beforehand that their food is going bad after a certain age. But the truth is there are no federal government policies that require them to put the expiration dates on it. Anything simpler like the careless handling of food and leaving it on the shelf for long can also make your food go worst and unable for consumption. However, if a canned food is not to be opened for months and even past by its expiration date, reportedly you can still have the content inside without any hazards. So, basically remember that nasty friend that still eats the expired food from the fridge and grosses you out, he was not that stupid for letting himself go beyond the regulations of unseen.

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