A top player among the social media personalities, DJ Khaled explains that it is best to be original, to be yourself and provide positive messages if you want to create a prominent social media profile.

Khaled emphasizes on importance of authenticity and being real in an interview with CNBC.

Even though Khaled rose to fame on snapchat, he prefers all forms of social media and posts his content throughout all platforms.

He was given the title of ‘King of Snapchat’ as he gets around 3-4 million views on his snaps every time. He also has a strong presence on other websites including Instagram and twitter with 6.2 million and 3.36 million followers.

He expresses his request for the implementation of the idea of all platforms merging, so that posting the same content on all websites can be made easier.

“If they (all platforms) got together and made maybe a switch where we didn’t have to rip stuff off and put it and post it and find a way to break down the pie, (it would be great).” Khaled Said.

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