Microsoft has decided to compete with google images with their very own image search feature.

Microsoft is planning to add some more intelligent image-sorting to its Windows 10 Photos app, making it more similar to Google Photos. The software giant has started testing a new smart search that scans all images on OneDrive and uses artificial intelligence to identify and catalog photos. Windows Central reports that the Photos app, released to the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring, will filter photos by colors, faces, months they were taken, and other categories.

Photographs are ordered when you begin searching down the first run through, and it takes around a second for each image. It gives the idea that the images app is utilizing AI on the images locally in the cloud like Microsoft has done previously. You’ll have the accessibility to search images with phrases like “telephone” or “beer” and the reserving will return a collection of images that may incorporate specific things. There’s even face recognition that will link images that the app recognized are of the same individual.

While these features are new to the Windows 10 Photos app, iOS has comparable face-recognition feature, and the entire premise of Google Photos is to list pictures and make it simple to search for users, places, and things. Microsoft is still testing this functionality for Windows 10, yet it’s expected to be in time for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September.

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