Antibiotics are the part of almost half of the prescriptions written for patients all over the world, almost everyday. They are considered to be our protectors and warriors against different bacterial attacks. But after the recent report of World Health Organization, one can not possibly consider them as powerful as we thought they were.

With a recent surveillance data of the World Health Organization, alarming results have been revealed about the antibiotic resistance that is being developed in human Immune system all over the world.

According to the surveillance, an unimaginable antibiotic resistance has widespread in almost 500000 people among 22 countries that are registered for GLASS (Global Antimicrobial Surveillance System) of WHO.

Dr. Marc Sprenger, director of WHO’s Antimicrobial Resistance Secretariat.

The report confirms the serious situation of antibiotic resistance worldwide.Some of the world’s most common – and potentially most dangerous – infections are proving drug-resistant.And most worrying of all, pathogens don’t respect national borders. That’s why WHO is encouraging all countries to set up good surveillance systems for detecting drug resistance that can provide data to this global public health”

Considering the alarming situation, it can be said that we will soon have to find another ways to fight these strong, advance bacterial attacks in order to save mankind from various medical dangers.

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