The transportation data firm INRIX Research released in February its annual rankings of the most congested cities in the world.

The company measured the amount of time lost per capita in 2018 due to the difference between traffic at the busiest and least busy commuting times each day. Cities were ranked based on delays caused by congestion, adjusted for each city’s population.

Moscow was named the most congested city in the world for the second year in a row, and Europe had more cities in the top-20 than any other continent.

These are the most congested cities in the world.

20. Toronto, Canada

19. Washington, DC, United States

18. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

17. Melbourne, Australia

16. Paris, France

15. Berlin, Germany

14. Singapore


13. Sydney, Australia


12. Izmir, Turkey

11. Ankara, Turkey


10. Rome, Italy

9. Saint Petersburg, Russia

8. Boston, United States

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. London, United Kingdom

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil

4. Mexico City, Mexico

3. Bogota, Colombia

2. Istanbul, Turkey

1. Moscow, Russia

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