The World’s First Foldable Phone

The Royole FlexPai is the sort of device that companies hustle and bustle to become the first somehow with new technology. The Royole FlexPai company has been established in 5 years. It was founded for the sole purpose of developing and selling flexible displays. But it was threatened its pride when Samsung was on their way to steal their pride, making a foldable device.

Royole FlexPai

So Royole FlexPai hastily made a the FlexPai. And now the world is gaping at its sublime, foldable awfulness.

The software of the FlexPai was very dysfunctional. But let’s talk about the hardware first. Measuring 7.8 inches diagonally, this is an Android tablet in its extended mode which becomes two, not just one, Android phones when it’s flexed closed.

Royole is an extremely hyper-ambitious company. It provides two SIM slots. And it provides an auto-detection system that only shows content on the half of the folded screen that you’re facing at any given time. A resolution of 1920 x 1440 is on the full display. It shrinks to less than half when you’re in the phone mode. Moreover, a 308ppi pixel density is sufficient for the screen to look sharp and vibrant.

Pros & Cons Of The Royole FlexPai

But the biggest issue is that it is simply of poor quality. There is color banding, dim areas in the middle of the screen, and a type of hyper-saturation as well.

But Royole has done a really good job in making the FlexPai unbreakable. It was feared that it would break when it is placed in the fully folded position. But it just simply snaps into a stiff, closed form. But it requires a lot of force from the user to open or close it. A myth is that the modern-day smartphones are supposed to be fragile. But the Royole FlexPai seems to have been engineered well enough to dispute that notion.

The biggest downfall of the FlexPai is the software and basic operation. At any time you rotate the device or fold it, unfold it, it gets confused. The apps were overlapping each other, as the tablet was transitioning into the phone mood. Royole’s software is called Water OS.

The folding tablet is very charmingly awful. The folding ability of the tablet is amazing, but the software is very cheap and tacky. It’s already on sale in China. Let’s see if it can make it to the long run in the market.


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