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Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp burst out some inappropriate stuff out of sheer excitement after his club topped previously undefeated Manchester City in a 3-4 English premier league thriller.

Everything was okay until Klopp took his enthusiasm a little too far during a post-game interview on NBCSN. He cheerfully said,

You can look at it as a manager and say we could have done this and that better, or you look at it as a football fan and say, ‘What the f— was that.‘”

The situation was pretty embarrassing for the commentator Arlo White, who was seen inducing Klopp of his f-word. To which Jurgen Klopp smiled and said,

I thought in America it’s OK.

The particular moment was confused and full of mixed comments and laughter. Because for some reasons you just spare a happy person.

Anyway, it’s kind of good to know that someone is so blunt about the uncertain fact that Americans are cool with using impiety words on TV.


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