X-Doria Defense iPhone 7 case is the most amazing thing ever!


Whenever we choose a phone case, we all look for sleek design and style and may be safety, depending on our preferences.

However, X-Doria’s Defense case comes with an elegant style as well as some intelligent features. Despite having one color or a funky pattern, X-Doria goes a bit different this time.

The phone’s edges, top, and base are made out of Dropshield, that will keep your phone protected from drops up to 6.5 feet. Whatever is left of the case is made out of a smooth polycarbonate material and TPU.

The texture of Dropshield is made grippy enough to hold the phone without the fear of slipping it out of your hands.

Two more cool things about this case are that it has a slight jut in its corners that help secure the phone if it is dropped, and the case comes a bit on the screen which secures the phone from breaking into pieces.

Another reason for this case to be a stand-out is that it comes with the ability to enhance the audio quality of the phone. Since iPhone Plus has two stereo speakers, but the main problem here is that one faces in and the other face out.

X-Doria solved the problem by making its structure in a way that it loudens up the audio. What they did is that they didn’t leave speaker cutout at the bottom. Instead they left a little gap there, and cut holes in the front of the case, in order to grab some intensification there.




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