The competition in the world of smartphones is never going out of trend. Each day, each company works on getting better from others. Xiaomi Mi is another participant in the competition. It is now coming up with Triple-rear camera, that will be the first in Xiaomi’s products.

Xiaomi has been producing some exclusive smartphones and now they’ll be featured with a triple-rear camera. Mi 8 already has multiple variants featured, now it’s time for Mi 9. The reports put light on another hit from Xiaomi, Mi MIX 4. Another phone set that will be holding a Triple-rear camera along with a periscope camera is expected. Both the phones will be launched by 2019.

More Important Details!

Furthermore, the reports leaked that these phones will be having Snapdragon 855 chip. 5G support will be common in both sets, as that’s what the current time demands. The screen will vary for both, Mi 9 will be having an OLED display with 6 or 6.4-inch display size. The screen size of Mi MIX 4 is not confirmed yet.

The previous sales of that company, in the year 2018 were massive. Xiaomi claims their Mi 8 6 million units sales in 2018. With this figure, the expectations for 2019 are high with Mi 9 and Mi MIX 4. Not from the fans’ side only, but the company itself will work on it. Most probably they will focus their market size in the regions of Asia.

The rumors said Mi MIX 4 may have a foldable display, as the display size is not leaked, it could be anything. But there is no confirmation yet. A company introducing a periscope camera can also introduce foldable screen, and that won’t be big amazement.

The market share is most likely to be increased somewhere in China or India, based on previous responses. But the way they are getting into the competition, they can conquer a large region.

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