Most of the travelling guidelines will usually tell you where you should visit. But to have authentic travelling guidance it is equally important to know what destinations you should actually avoid travelling. Why ? because nothing can be worse than a ‘not worth it’ trip for which you have to spend such huge amount of money.

Warning! You may find some of the most famous tourist destinations in the previous years which are extremely desirable but logic and experience say otherwise.

So here are 3 places you should rather not travel in 2018.

Barcelona, Spain

In August 2017, locals emerged out in sheer anger to protest against the insanely growing number of travellers that are disturbing their civilization system. This is a proof of local’s growing rudeness towards tourist which is enough to ruin anyone’s trip.

Image source: The Telegraph

Venice, Italy

Venice is somewhat facing the same situation. The city’s population due to an abnormal number of tourists that flock to Venice every year is disturbing the locals. Due to this, city’s population has shrunken to 55,000 in exchange for 30 million tourist.

Image Source: European Destinations


Bhutan which was famous for it’s economic tourism has now raised its standard beyond imagination. If you travel to Bhutan, chances are you will have to pay a daily fee of travelling which is near $200.

Image source: Tigers Nest Bhutan



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