YouTube app finally gets a ‘dark theme’ for iOS.

After the dark mode introduced by YouTube for desktop last year, YouTube app has finally decided to bring out the night-friendly mode for smartphones on its app too!


This announcement was made by YouTube app on the 13th of March reporting that after the dark theme on desktops, they have finally announced it for its app too making it user-friendly for its users.

According to the news, this feature is only available for the iOS users at the moment, but it is soon to be available for all the Android users in some time.

They also said that after the launch of the dark theme for desktop which become very popular, the night-friendly theme was one of the most requested YouTube features since 2017. Also, that they have been testing this feature for quiet some time on the iOS.

How to use the dark theme feature on YouTube app:

  • Open your YouTube app.
  • Tap the account option on the upper right corner of the app.
  • Click on settings.
  • You will find a ‘dark theme’ option right above the restricted mode.
  • Enable it and you’re all done!

The dark theme immediately turns your screen from white to black and your text from black to white which makes it way easier for the people who use YouTube app at night in the dark or have constant use of it. YouTube’s dark theme will help users to stare at the screen easily because the dark screen is much easier to watch at night than the normal white one. This apple news can have a profound effect on both YouTube’s and Apple’s growth.

Other apps having this mode:

Apps like Twitter and Wattpad app already have a dark mode feature for its users. Although not every user prefers this mode or uses it but it looks really cool.

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