The leading social media website has good news for its users around the globe.

With Paul Logan controversy continues making headlines, Youtube is trying to regain its customer’s trust by introducing new and enhanced policies.

Youtube Red; the paid streaming subscription service is one of the most beneficial policies of the social media platform. Currently, the advertising-free service is available in very few countries, Youtubers of United States, Australia, Korea, Mexico and New Zealand are availing this exceptional offer.

Youtube red is expanding its colours towards hundred counties:

Reportedly, Youtube Red is expanding its subscription service to more or less hundred countries.

The subscription service was first launched on October 2015 to five countries, with subscription fee $9.99, the ad-free viewing of videos was designed to provide users with a simple way of watching and listening to Youtube videos and its music.

As this subscription service was considered highly-beneficial in those countries, the makers decided to bless rest of the countries as well.

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Speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., Susan Wojcicki; Youtube’s chief executive said that YouTube will be looking to expand its Red service “to many more countries”.


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