YouTube officially decides to enhance their services, the company will expand their subscription service to over 100 countries, said by the chief executive Sudan Wojiciki. Their subscription amenities were initially launched in October 2015, with $9.99 subscription for viewing without ads. It was also majorly to replace Google Music key. This would lead to easy watch or listen on YouTube.

The company aims to split subscription revenue among the rights of respective holders of either content, see or listen services. The company also signed contracts with self-governing creators, TV networks, movies, record labels and more. The creators who didn’t sign up for the YouTube Red have ad-free YouTube option hidden from their view.

YouTube moving towards Red aims to provide access to the original movies and series. It features many stats like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, more. YouTube currently has been trying to renew policies in order to protect any harm provided by their platform. A lot of people will be brought to vet content.

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