To improve the live streaming option, YouTube has launched many new advanced features today. These features include automatic captioning, live chat and many others. However, the most favorite is the playback option through which you can playback the video even after live streaming.

Image Source: TechCrunch

As far as the captioning is concerned, YouTube has been doing the caption thing for a few years. But now they are using live automatic speech recognition (LASR)  to caption their live videos. Although, it won’t be error free but at least it would be market competitive, making YouTube a solid platform for live streaming. There are still some weeks left in launching the feature. Youtube intends to keep working out on the option and improve the accuracy of the captions.

Another addition to the Live streaming option of YouTube is to tag the location. This will not only be beneficial for creators but the viewers will also be able to see other videos going live in that location.

With the live chat video, fans can make their message being highlighted or mentioned in the video. The possibility makes the feature a much-hyped one as well.

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