While the controversial YouTube star, Logan Paul, has been temporarily removed from the advertising
the platform of YouTube, people are left puzzled as they wonder why he was not just simply banned.
Logan Paul has been under fire since he posted a controversial video in Japan with a man who
committed suicide. He was also criticized for a video he posted later in which he shot a Taser at a dead
Speaking at Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, CA, the CEO of YouTube stated that Paul
hadn’t yet met the criteria for being banned from the platform all at once. She said, “He hasn’t done
anything that would cause those three strikes.” She further stated that in order to kick off a person,
he/she would have to violate a policy, and Paul has not done that yet.
Time to time, YouTube has faced the backlash that it applies the policies inconsistently, especially by
frequently being lenient with more popular creators and sparing them from punishment. However,
Wojcicki disagreed with any such comments saying that YouTube tries its best to be consistent with

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