How does one even charge their smartphone? We just plug it in and leave it alone for a couple of hours or even overnight. Well research has indicated that leaving your smartphone on charging overnight can actually harm the phones battery life. Most batteries have overcharging protectors but if you repeatedly keep on charging your phone for ages it will cause some problem in the lithium ions and will speed up the battery aging process.

However, most companies are not too worried because of the overcharging protectors and recent technological advancements. Lithium ion batteries age slowest when they are from the range of 30%-50%. It is recommended that if you’re planning on storing your phone then you should keep you batteries at this range which means that lithium ion batteries don’t like being kept at full charge. The battery aging process also depends on the time you use your phone without replacing it, typically if you replace your phone every two years it shouldn’t be a problem and you will hardly even notice the degrading battery.

But you don’t need to worry about it too much, all smartphone batteries are meant to be used eventually batteries will wear down and most companies are willing to replace your batteries at a fraction of the cost.


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